Monday, 17 September 2012

Lots of cakes to keep me busy

Just a quick post today as I have been really busy recently, lots of baking amongst other things and gearing up to make my first weeding cake (eeek)

But I thought I'd update with a few pictures of some cakes I've been baking recently and then I promise I'll try to update with a recipe by the end of this week

any way first was a friends the Flash themed birthday cake:

Then I had an order for two extra chocolaty cakes covered in chocolate fondant and decorated simply but however I liked. here they are:

First one decorated with giant white chocolate buttons.

Next one was a bit of a rush job with the decorating and I wasn't sure what to do but went with fondant roses and chocolate vines.

Then I had an order for some lemon cupcakes for a baby shower.:

I wish I would have been able to make more of these cute little feet but I was short on fondant.

And lastly was an order for some cupcakes for a saints and sinners theme hen night!

Chocolate and Vanilla

Are you a saint?

Or a sinner?

So that's it , no recipe for today but a lot of pictures. I have another bust few weeks coming up with weddings birthdays and lots of plans but as ever it will involve a lot of baking. then hopefully I'll get time to bake some new things for me just in time for Christmas (blimey where has the year gone! )

Until next time

Cupcake Kris


Mel said...

Love the saints and sinners ones!

Unknown said...

The saints and sinners design is genius, great idea well executed! New admirer of your blog :-)
The Pantry Door