Monday, 17 September 2012

Lots of cakes to keep me busy

Just a quick post today as I have been really busy recently, lots of baking amongst other things and gearing up to make my first weeding cake (eeek)

But I thought I'd update with a few pictures of some cakes I've been baking recently and then I promise I'll try to update with a recipe by the end of this week

any way first was a friends the Flash themed birthday cake:

Then I had an order for two extra chocolaty cakes covered in chocolate fondant and decorated simply but however I liked. here they are:

First one decorated with giant white chocolate buttons.

Next one was a bit of a rush job with the decorating and I wasn't sure what to do but went with fondant roses and chocolate vines.

Then I had an order for some lemon cupcakes for a baby shower.:

I wish I would have been able to make more of these cute little feet but I was short on fondant.

And lastly was an order for some cupcakes for a saints and sinners theme hen night!

Chocolate and Vanilla

Are you a saint?

Or a sinner?

So that's it , no recipe for today but a lot of pictures. I have another bust few weeks coming up with weddings birthdays and lots of plans but as ever it will involve a lot of baking. then hopefully I'll get time to bake some new things for me just in time for Christmas (blimey where has the year gone! )

Until next time

Cupcake Kris