Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Selfie cake, Castle cake, super pink cakes and lots of cupcakes

Hey!last week was a super busy week for baking it seems like everyone has a birthday in the same week sometimes as I go from having about one cake a week to do to having about 4 to 5 in the odd week as well as going to work too. So at the moment I'm a little tired and having a little break from baking (well three days).

I thought I'd take this time to show you some recent cakes I have made and decorated so here goes :

First of all I was asked to make a cake for a friends niece who loves One Direction, Mac makeup and taking selfies. My friend made some pictures of her, and one of Harry Styles look like Polaroids on the computer and we ordered these to be printed Polaroid size on icing sheets, they came out really well. I also made some makeup out of fondant, and even dusted the fondant make up brush with edible shimmer powder. Lastly I piped on music notes and One Direction lyrics.

Next up is another super pink girly cake, this one with a quilted effect, diamante studs and edible pearls:

Lastly in the super pink cake collection was a cake for a friends recent 30th Birthday. My friend really wants to be a princess so here is her cake:

I think the detail such as the edging round the doors really made this cake!

I have also still be getting lots of orders for cupcakes and have enjoyed making some look super summery now the weather is getting better, such as these with little home made fondant bees.

Lastly for today I also recently made some engagement cupcakes:

Any way that will do for today although I still have a whole file worth of things to add and also to tell you about my new favourite cake to make and eat all to myself. I'll be back with that soon though

Cupcake Kris xxx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Breaking Bad Cake, Mountain Cake and cupcake tower for a wedding.

Wow I don't think I have gone this long without blogging before and I am also beginning to sound like a broken record in my blogs with each one mentioning how I haven't blogged in a while. But that doesn't mean  I haven't been baking. Since my last blog there have been weddings, birthdays and a holiday to Prague as well as now and again, in between novelty cakes, having time to bake for myself.

So here are just a few of the things I have baked and decorated lately:

I  made a breaking bad cake for my fiance, he loves the show and it was the perfect birthday cake complete with 'fake blue crystal meth' made by boiling down clear boiled sweets with a little food colour then pouring onto a tray lined with grease proof paper and then smashing up when hardened. 

Now, Neil's birthday is also just a day before one of my best friends so I also had her cake to make on the same day. She loves hiking and also taking pictures so I made her a mountain cake complete with lake and mini camera. Here it is:

I really don't know why I haven't got better quality pictures of these on my computer. Any way this cake was huge the board itself is a super wide board and for the peak of the mountain I used the top half of my giant cupcake mould then carved into a round cake at the bottom with butter cream between layers at intervals.

In the same week as that I also made a cupcake tower for a wedding with a giant cupcake on top. There was a bit of drama surrounding this cake involving me injuring my hand just before icing, however a lot of pain killers and help from my friend Mandie helped me finish. Anyway here it is:

Another bad quality picture sorry haha.

Any way that's it for today, there are still a few cakes I have made recently, Including 3 very pink ones that I will update with soon. Until then, bye for now

Cupcake Kris xxxx