Friday, 8 October 2010

Cake Poppin!

So one of my favourite all time baking blogs and one that was a big inspiration to me to start my own blog is And for a while now I've wanted to try Bakerella's most famous invention: Cake Pops!

They're basically little cake's that look like lollipops and they're so cute! Bakerella decorates hers in so many different and creative ways but I thought for my first attempt I'd just go plain until I get used to the dipping and getting the right shape.

So here they are! I had to use some polystyrene to stand them in

And how it's done!

You need:
Candy melts or chocolate
Lollipop sticks
Something to stand them in - Box with punched holes/ polystyrene etc

First you need some pre baked cakes, I used Chocolate - The chocolate cupcake recipe from earlier in the blog!

2 of these made about 6 pops! the rest I just filled with toffee sauce and iced so I had 2 desserts in one cake tin!

Once the cakes are cooled you need to break them up and mix together in a bowl with some frosting  - I used Vanilla (The vanilla frosting used in the chocolate cupcake recipe) as I didn't want chocolate overload. You need to use about a table spoon of frosting for each cake. Then blend the two together until really well combined.
 Frosting and cake ready to be smooshed together!

After  Smooshing together you need to roll your cake balls

Then put these in the freezer to chill for a few minutes. While they are chilling take your candy melts - I used Vanilla (Or you could use chocolate - however candy melts are best) and melt them in a bowl over a pan of water.

Dip the top of each lolly stick  into the melted candy melts then insert into the middle of each cake ball and put these back in the freezer for a couple more minutes. This helps the lolly stick hold itself on the cake ball easier.  After a minute or two its then time to dip!

Dip and swirl each cake pop in the candy melts, then tap off any excess and stand each one up using something like a box with holes or polystyrene.

At this point you can sprinkle with hundreds and thousands if you want. Then place in the pops in the fridge to set. Then it's time to bite into them.

And there you go, my first attempt at cake pops. 

Once they're set they can be decorated with edible pens, fondant etc which I think I will try next!
And again I have to mention my good friend Russ to say thank you for sending me the candy melts. I love them, I even frosted a cupcake in the left over melted candy to make a hard topped, "cracking cupcake" (sorry about the cheesy name, I can't help it hehe)

Any ways that's it for now I have 10 cupcakes to ice!

Keep baking!

Cupcake Kris


Ruzzells said...

Nice to see they worked! I was thinking of trying your cupcake recipe, and using the melts as a topping, how did it taste?

cupcakegirl said...

The cupcake with the topping tasted great! the hard topping gave a slighty different texture like a layer of chocolate bar on top!

Jen said...

Where can you buy candy melts?

cupcakegirl said...

A friend sent me these from Canada as they sell them everywhere there and in the states. However I've now seen them on ebay and also Amazon over here. They can be a bit pricey so If you don't wanna splash out I'm sure melted chocolate would work too!

Remember though you cant add liquid food colour to melted chocolate or candy melts. It has to be paste or powder colour. I found this out the messy way