Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Birthday Cakes Galore

The last couple of weeks I have been kept busy with Birthday orders, its a busy time for friends and family birthdays in my world and they all seem to want cake (well who can blame them)

As I mentioned in my last blog I needed to make a birthday cake for my little brothers 16th Birthday. There was no party but we were having a family dinner and that always requires cake. As i wanted practising covering a cake with Chocolate icing I went for a triple layered chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and covered in a layer of roll out chocolate icing. I had bought loads of big jazzies to decorate this with however after I'd put the lettering on they didn't look quite right so it was decorated with Dr. Oetker Mini Jazzies to look like polka dots. and they were so mini they were just to cute not to use.
The recipe I used for the layers of the cake was the same as I use for my chocolate cupcakes here I just tripled it so I had enough mix for the 3 layers.

And here  is the cake:

I also recently had to make a Spiderman themed cake for my friends Nephews birthday, He was 5 and is obsessed with Spiderman. I just went with a vanilla cake triple layer with vanilla butter cream and the decorated Spiderman style with a city night scene and web, in the appropriate colours.
It did also eventually have a little spiderman figure on top however that was placed on after the photo was taken.

Here it is:

The only other thing I've had time to bake was a mass of peanut butter cookies (recipe in an earlier blog)  that I was guilt tripped into making by the boyfriend for giving the last piece of chocolate cake away (oops). So I haven't had a chance to make anything new, but I'm planning on working on fixing that this week.

Bye for now

Cupcake Kris xxx


manu said...

Amazing cakes!!

Baking Addict said...

Triple layer chocolate cake sounds good as does peanut butter cookies - both my fav! Great job on the cakes, they look really good!

Choclette said...

these both look spectacular - would love to have seen a slice though!