Friday, 17 September 2010

Liverpool food and drink festival.

As well as fitting in baking bread and brownies last weekend Sunday involved a day of pigging out at the Liverpool food and drink festival.

The festival included talks and demonstrations by chefs including celebrity chef, James Martin as well as stalls from local bars, restaurants, deli's and bakery's. There were a few free samples (but not as much variety of samples as I'd like) as well as a ton of tasty dishes to try.
Loved the eclectic display on this stall.

The only thing about the day I wasn't to impressed with was the demonstration area it didn't have enough seating and unless you queued for about 40 minutes before there was no way of getting anywhere close enough to the tent to see anything.

The food there was great though and there's now so many restaurants I'd never been to in Liverpool I wan't to try. So first Boyfriend tried some African Lamb Stew with rice and plantain. I have always wanted to try plantain and now I love it definitely going to be buying some to try and cook at home.

Then after a break we popped over to a stall from a local Thai restaurant

 I had the starter platter but the real stand out dish was the Thai prawn curry that Mum and Boyfriend (yes a second meal for him) had. I will definitely be visiting this restaurant (Chaophraya) and ordering that dish.

We then popped by the Wagamama stand to pick up some dumplings for little bro and enter a competition to win a book and meal kit. And boyfriend tried some duck dumplings (yes he's an eating machine) which were very yummy even though I was super full by this time.

We then stopped to watch some cute kiddies learn how to make pasta and I swooned over a bread stand while getting some ideas for loaves to make.

Then came my favourite part of the day! Cupcakes!
There were some gorgeous ones with pretty sprinkles and a ton of frosting from Just Cupcakes.

Love the Bumblebee and I'm definitely going to be investing in some cute sprinkles and edible glitter as well as more food colouring to make pretty colours. There was also a stall with Jack Daniels and coke cupcakes (Not sure I'd like) and Baileys Cupcakes (Definitely trying.)

It was a really good day, there was yummy food, great weather, fun music, and lots of different beers. The stalls were all busy and I think it got to much for one staff member.

Before going home I bought a bottle of Coconut chilli sauce which I cant stop eating with toasted pita. We then finished the day with some beers and I introduced mum to Frulli, a strawberry beer which she loved.

So a tasty day overall I ate tasty food and got some great ideas and I will definitely be going back next year.

Now I'm off to buy some pretty sprinkles for cupcakes.

Till next time
Cupcake Kris


jennie said...

Oh wow this has just made my mouth water! Those cupcakes are amazing I would to have loved to have gone to this festival oh well perhaps next year :)

Love your blog by the way can't wait to try out some of your recipes, you won't get me out of the kitchen once I've had this baby in a couple of weeks and can actually fit in there haha xx

cupcakegirl said...

They do look good don't they! I have envy over their decorations.

Thanks and keep reading I have some new ideas i'm going to try very soon!

Ill have to make some mini baby sized cupcakes in honour of your new baby too