Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Welcome to my Blog.

Ok so here goes...... welcome to my baking blog!
Cooking and baking is something I've always loved, add that to my love of anything cute, sparky or pretty and you get a cupboard filled with way to much food colouring, icing and hundreds and thousands.

I spend alot of time in the kitchen baking and food in general is one of my biggest passions. Recently I've been reading alot of baking blogs and eventually thought hey why not start one of my own!

So here it is, it may not be the best around but hey Its gotta be better than some right, I read on which suggested using a pre mixed box of cake mix, and well that's just downright cheating in my book!

So if you like all things yummy and baked keep coming back for posts, pictures and recipes of my culinary adventures and experiments.

Anyway got to go I've got a bun in the oven, Literally.

Cupcake girl Kris

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