Monday, 21 March 2011

Race day Cupcakes.

Phew it's been a pretty busy weekend for me, I am aware it's Monday night as well but since I had today off work my busy weekend was extended, and I still didn't have enough time to do everything on my to do list. (Ashamedly I am going to admit that this is an actual list! I am a little ocd when it comes to writing lists.)

So the weekend for me started off on Friday night when I took part in a 3 hour Zumbathon for Comic relief. I donned a red tutu and danced Zumba for the full 3 hours. By the time I got home it was 10pm, I hadn't eaten yet and I had cupcakes to ice. As the next day I had to get up at 6.30am to go Go Karting.

It has become a bit of a tradition now that when I meet up with a group of my old School friends that I bring Cupcakes. It has come to be expected that even if we are just going to the pub that after our pub dinner I dish out cupcakes (Much to the annoyance of the pub manager)  So when we all decided to go Go Karting I couldn't disappoint and I brought along some appropriately decorated cupcakes.

Then after Go Karting cue pub dinner and dessert (Had to balance out all the sport some how) 

Then there was Sunday in which I went to visit my old High School before it is torn down and replaced by the new one that has been built. It's kinda sad but it really did need it as some parts of the school looked very old and tired. After I'd finished looking round the school I went onto the christening party of a friends baby then to the pub again (There's a theme here). And then I got home and It all caught up with me and I fell asleep on the couch as soon as I sat down.

So all in all even I was surprised that I found time to make the race day cupcakes and even some cupcake toppers for them.

Here they are:

For first second and third place! I don't have a printer so I had to draw these toppers in back Biro.

Ready set go cupcakes in corresponding cases (There were 6 of these) for those drivers who didn't place.

And finally a chequered flag cupcake using fondant icing died black, cut into squares and placed over butter cream.

I discovered that even though I found Go Karting very fun I'm not the best driver (not surprising considering I've never driven a real car) but if you bring cupcakes no one really mentions when you lose hehe.

For the cakes I just stuck with trusty chocolate as it always pleases with a vanilla butter cream. The recipes for this is on an earlier blog. and each topper was made using the bottom of 2 cake cases, a bamboo skewer and spray mount.

I also helped boyfriend today make a chocolate bunt cake for his mum and dad but he said I couldn't take a picture of it as he didn't feel it was worthy but I think he did well.

Any way so that was my busy weekend that still involved cupcakes but no new recipe sorry!


Anonymous said...

Cute cupcakes! I hope you take some time tonight to catch up on some much needed rest!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a good friend you are. I also like how you used the race car checkered flag theme. Very cute!

manu said...

Love them! What a beautiful idea! Have a nice day

At Anna's kitchen table said...

Ha ha! you can get away with most things if you come bearing cupcakes!

Erika Beth, the Messy Chef said...

Aw! I like the race flag cupcake. What do you mean you don't drive a car? I mean, I don't drive a car in NYC, but I know how to drive one! lol

briarrose said...

So cute! I love the toppers especially the checkered flag.

Lisa said...

Those are some cool looking cupcakes!

Choclette said...

Your cupcakes look amazing as always.

Catalina said...

Wow! Such an exhausting weekend! The cupcakes are fabulous and the toppers are beautiful (I can't believe you made them by yourself, must have taken so much time)!